We love the holidays! It’s a great time to see businesses finish the year well and bring a smile to people’s faces, even when the schedule is jam-packed. It can also be a stressful time of year for sales teams.

Many companies experience a lull in business through the summer months and into the fall. The holiday season gives businesses a solid opportunity to resurrect their sales numbers, but where do you start?

Here are three holiday sales tactics you can implement this week to help finish the year strong:

  1. Evaluate your existing customer base for potential upsell opportunities. Depending on the industry, it can cost between three times and thirty times as much to acquire a new customer compared to upselling or cross-selling an existing customer. (Linked) What are some profitable ways you can add value to your existing customer base?
  2. If you’re not already, grade your sales leads. Which sales prospects are more likely to make a buying decision in favor of your company? You can create a grading system based on interest level, potential profitability, and shortest journey to final purchase decision. Organize the list from most qualified leads to least and focus your sales efforts on the highest-qualified leads first.
  3. Go where your customers already are. Where are your sales prospects spending their most time online or in person? Identify which Facebook page, LinkedIn group, website, or local hub your sales prospects frequent the most and engage with them in their natural environment and interest circle. For example, if it’s a Facebook page, ask thought-provoking, helpful questions to start a conversation and help your prospects first with the right information before you start pushing any sale.

Remember, the spelling between SELL and HELP may be only a few letters, but the business approach is significant. Who can you help this year through your sales team to find a good solution to the biggest problems they’re facing? Follow these three tips and watch how people respond to your sales staff.

This is why our team at Accent offers services and solutions: we want to serve you and help solve real problems on your horizon. You may have printing, shipping, and warehousing needs that are weighing on you this holiday season. We may be able to help you find the answers your business needs, so click here to start a conversation with one of our Accent team members today.