Warehouse Distribution, Fulfillment, and Management Services




Centralized Warehousing and Fulfillment in St. Louis

Our warehouse services out of the Gateway to the Midwest provide great shipping advantages across the United States. We partner with you to streamline all types of orders (including eCommerce, transfer, retail, and wholesale orders) into one system for the pick, pack, and ship process. Centralized distribution like ours is a very powerful tool for your business. In fact, case studies show tremendous savings up to a half million dollars in freight with our services!

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Midwest Distribution Services

Warehousing and fulfillment are core to our business. We’ve got what it takes to supply and ship for national campaigns across multiple locations. Our fulfillment services remove the burden of monitoring, managing, and shipping your goods. We manage these services for you so you can free up your space and tighten your workforce. Extend your reach by partnering with Accent Group Solutions for our professional warehousing and fulfillment services.


  • Print on Demand (POD): This is a great option for many print runs since they can be printed in single smaller quantities. You have close to zero obsolete inventory, which helps improve your cash flow. You can even make edits between the print runs.
  • Container Management: Sometimes buying in bulk on products is the only way to go. Accent can manage your containers, add your inventory to our warehouse management system (wms), and set reorder points on the SKUs with your guidance. Then you’ll be ready to sell your products with centralized distribution.
  • Warehousing (Bulk, Commercial): Accent manages hundreds of thousands of SKUs for our clients. Some of our clients have long-term storage needs, while many others turn and replenish their inventory monthly.
  • Fulfillment (Pick-n-Pack, Custom, Contract Assembly): We offer different fulfillment models for our clients, depending on their needs. Our one-to-one box machine enhances the customization of our kit offerings.

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Management Services in Missouri

Your time should be spent growing your business, not managing the time-consuming details of your orders, logistics, and inventory. Accent Group Solutions takes care of these crucial services so you can focus on revenue growth and brand recognition.


  • Distribution (Local, Global, Crossdocking): Distribution management is a time and freight saver for our clients. Our team handles high-demand projects, as we recently proved by satisfying the increased need for PPE packing and delivery of hand sanitizers, wipes, masks, gloves, desk barriers, and more.
  • Database Management: We capture, analyze, update, and improve logistics for our clients.
  • Marketing and Print Spend
  • e-Commerce: We manage online ordering and inventory updates.
  • Sourcing
  • Mailing
  • Small Package Shipping: We ship small packages via USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Local Courier.
  • Shipping Logistics: We manage all shipping needs via truck, plane, boat, and train.