The Heart of Accent

Accent is not your average company; we put people first. We do everything we can to make our customers’ lives easier, empower our employees, have fun at work and support our community.

We’ve been in the printing business for three generations since our grandfathers returned home from World War II. They instilled in us the value of taking care of our employees and giving back to our community. We proudly support local and national philanthropic organizations, but the cause that is nearest to our hearts is supporting our local Special School District (SSD).

Family Foundation:  Connecting our Company Values

Our oldest son, Gary, has Lissencephaly, a brain abnormality that affects his ability to walk and talk.  We soon realized that Gary’s purpose was to teach those around us how to be service-oriented and love unconditionally.  He has taught us how to connect with people, even when you can’t communicate in a traditional way.  For our family, which overlaps into our business, Gary has taught us more than we could imagine.  He’s greatly increased our purpose, and the way we approach Accent’s services.

Accent is a very family-friendly workspace.  Balancing work life and home life is the experience we want for our entire team.  Our culture is FAMILY!

After Gary was born, we became aware of the world of special needs.  In raising our son, we learned that fewer than 20% of U.S. adults with special needs are employed.  We wanted to improve this statistic and make a difference in our community.  We accomplished this goal by creating 3 programs for young adults with special needs.

Our Programs

We host three programs that give young adults with special needs an opportunity to learn valuable work and social skills that help them succeed with future employment as well as in life. Teammates spend time learning new skills, making friends, learning how to be part of a team and conquering challenges every day. Accent is proud to participate in these programs:

  1. Vocational Skills Program (VSP)
  2. Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP)
  3. Community-Based Vocational Instruction (CBVI)

Our Staff

These programs not only positively impact the lives of hundreds of families in our community, but also, they inspire our employees and warm the hearts of our clients. Our team is truly energized by these programs and they have changed our perspective on what it means to create an environment that is inclusive of all our employees. Accent is a better, stronger team because we work toward goals together. We’d love to put our team to work for yours and let you see the power of Accent.

Our Accent Family

When you think of inclusion, what do you picture?  Here is inclusion at Accent!  We are blessed to sponsor multiple programs for vocational training with Special School District, which impacts the lives of our employees and many families.  Our team is inspired through this exposure to special needs to connect and mentor to our community and each other.


We hope that you enjoyed reading our story.  This is near and dear to our heart and we are blessed to bring these programs to the community through our business Accent Group Solutions.