We’re proud to announce the graduation of some of our Special School District (SSD) students! Our print and fulfillment company in St. Louis takes great pride in providing a unique opportunity for individuals with special needs in our community. Learn more about our St. Louis Special School District partnership and what skills our graduates take into their future roles with them:


About the SSD:

We host three programs that give young adults with special needs an opportunity to learn valuable work and social skills that help them succeed with future employment as well as in life. Teammates spend time learning new skills, making friends, learning how to be part of a team and conquering challenges every day.


What our Graduates Are Up To:

Our students learn a wide range of work skills while in our SSD program. Upon graduation, students are more prepared to enter the workforce. They will be entering the workforce at a local grocery store and a local craft store where they are prepared with the work and social skills needed to be productive team members for these organizations.

Congrats to our Grads!

We are so proud of our recent graduates! These individuals bring so much joy to our Accent Group Solutions team. We can’t wait to keep up with our grads to see how they continue to grow and flourish as working members of our community!