The finishing steps for a print product are what sets it apart and makes it complete. These extra steps are completed after the job has printed. There are many finishing techniques used in the industry and our print company in St. Louis, MO is proud to offer options to finish your print project. Learn more about our finishing options here at Accent Group Solutions!


Binding (perfect, case, wire-o, spiral)

When multiple pages are in a print project, it’s important to keep them together and in the correct order. Binding is a fantastic solution for this situation. There are many binding options to choose from, depending on your vision for the product.


Stitching (square back saddle, saddle, side, ULC)

Stitches or metal staples can be used to hold your project together when multiple pages are involved. This helps keep your pages in order and your entire product looking professional and clean. Our square back machine allows your booklets to lay flat which is the preference of many of our clients.



Certain print products involve folding for the end product to be read in a specific order, or to reach a specific size requirement. A pamphlet is a great example of a project that would require professional folding techniques to ensure the product has a complete and professional appearance.


Cutting (guillotine, die, round corner)

Cutting and trimming your print product gives it a more finished look. Whether cutting a shape out, cutting the edges for a clean appearance or rounding off the corners for a smooth finish, cutting can set your print job apart!

Die cutting

Our digital die cutter is a wonderful choice for customized, short run die cut jobs. You can add big thoughts about your company into tiny, branded boxes to saturate your vertical markets and pique the interest of your new prospects.



This method of finishing effectively places holes in specific locations on your print product. This finish is typically used for pages that will be placed in a three-ring binder, so the pages already have consistent holes when it reaches the end user.



Adding tabs to a mechanically bound book enhances the user experience. We have a great niche for board meetings that allow for improved and streamlined communication. The end user can quickly jump to a specific section that is set apart by the tabs that are placed on the paper within the project.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of print finishing options that can be selected individually or grouped together on a project. Our experience in print marketing near St. Louis is second to none! If you’re curious about the best finishing combo for your next print project, one of our experienced team members can point out the benefits of each and make suggestions for the best finishes for your specific print job. Let’s start a conversation today & get started on your next project!