The age-old debate about marketing is which platform is best – digital or print. Our print marketing company in St. Louis is here to showcase why businesses should stop debating and leverage the benefits of both print marketing and digital marketing. These two marketing mediums work very well together and Accent Group Solutions is here to show you how!

Include Digital Aspects on Print Ads

Print ads should drive traffic to your online platforms for consumers to learn more. Not every detail about your product can or should be included on print. Grab attention and hit the quick information, then send your consumer online to learn more. Include your website and social media handles on your print marketing to make it easier for print consumers to find more information about the product or service you’re featuring in your print ad.


Integrate Print Ads into a Digital Format

When a highly-effective print ad is designed, it may also be used for digital advertising. You’ve already put the resources together and paid for a graphic designer to work up the ad – you may as well use the same or similar concept across your digital platforms. This keeps your message and branding consistent which makes it easier for customers to recognize your business.

Track Your Print to Digital Conversion

Most companies want to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaign. When special URLs, QR codes, or coupon codes are used on your print ads, you are able to measure the number of people who’ve seen your print ad and then go to your online format via your unique URL or QR code or made a purchase via coupon code. This information is very insightful and tell the story of your customer journey to better convert consumers in the future.


Use Digital Information to Personalize Print

Digital platforms gather a lot of information about consumers. Name, address, and contact information just brushes the surface with this information. Details gathered on digital platforms such as interests, family dynamic, and occupation allow business to further target print messages to the right people, therefore making the most the marketing budget.


Many business owners and marketers have a little more time on their hands with the spread of COVID-19 putting a stop to many business practices, it’s time to change your perspective and take advantage of the additional time. It’s the perfect opportunity to re-work your marketing campaigns! Our St. Louis, MO printing company is here! From designing your vision to creating high quality print products, we’re here every stop of the way. Let’s start a conversation on how Accent Group will take your business to the next level!