Third-party logistics (3PL) are designed to streamline your distribution operations. From warehousing inventory to picking, packing, and shipping product, and more, the right 3PL fulfillment center can be a one-stop solution. The challenge facing book, catalog, and directory publishers is that many third-party logistics providers offer only a select number of services. There are several questions to answer when evaluating your 3PL fulfillment center.

Do you need a 3PL provider for only part or all of your fulfillment process?

What are the various fulfillment services you need? Do you need only packaging and distribution, or do you require a full-service 3PL provider? You don’t need to compromise your fulfillment solutions by using a 3PL provider with limited offerings. A one-stop fulfillment center gives you peace of mind that all the details are consolidated in a seamless process.

Do you need customized solutions for your 3PL provider?

Custom packaging is one of the more in-demand features of a fulfillment center. The ability to create made-to-order materials for your organization gives tremendous value to your fulfillment process. Another part of customization is working with an 3PL provider who understands exactly what your business needs instead of offering “one size fits all” services. Your company is unique, which is why you need fulfillment solutions that fit your company.

Do you need a local 3PL provider?

How important is it for you to engage with your 3PL provider in person? Many organizations are comfortable with an initial meeting to secure a 3PL provider’s services, but you may want a more hands-on, local presence. Your 3PL provider’s location may also determine shipping logistics, such as shipping product across the country for an event.

Accent is a full-service third-party logistics provider based in the St. Louis area, the heart of the Midwest. We provide next-gen digital printing and fulfillment services with over 20 years of experience. Our warehousing and distribution solutions begin with our 150,000 sq. ft. operations space. Read more about our Warehousing and Fulfillment Division to see our full list of services for book, catalog, and directory publishers.

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