Make your book a reality!  We want to make it easy for you to self publish your book. First and foremost, we are a printing company that offers publishing services as well.  We are not a subsidy publisher or a vanity press.  Therefore, there are no complicated publishing “packages” or contracts.  We don’t own any rights to your book, nor do we want to!

No Waste Concept

The simple truth is that most authors are uncertain of the precise number of books to publish. Most publishers force you to purchase large quantities before you receive an affordable “per book” cost. This creates a situation where the author is left with many unused books. This is a very common, expensive and wasteful mistake.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative

No Waste Publishing™ is the ideal company for the self-publishing author. Our unique “no waste” process allows you to order, and subsequently re-order, in small quantities at a very reasonable cost per book.

After we print your initial order, we archive a digital version of your book. The page layout, photographs, margins, and all specific job instructions are stored with perfect integrity. This way, at a moment’s notice from you, we will instantly print your reorder. No job set-up is required! Perhaps you only need a few books, or maybe hundreds. In either case, you will receive your order quickly and economically.

Bindery Options

Hardcover Paperback

Mechanical Binds Library quality hard case bound books are the Cadillac of binding. Today’s technology makes it possible to bind as few as 25 books at a very reasonable cost. We offer traditional buckram wraps with foil stamping on the cover and spine. This is a standard, classic look. For a greater impression, and at less cost, we can also provide you with full color illustrated cover wraps using original artwork.


Technically, these are referred to as perfect binds. The process is an adhesive binding method of securing loose leaves into a solid text block, which results in a book that opens easily and lies flat.

Mechanical Binds

The self-publishing author should not overlook the value of these types of binds. They are very economical and durable.

Request A Quote

Contact us now to discuss your book. A phone call is usually the best way to obtain a quote because we can discuss options to help shape a solution that best fits your requirements. You’ll also get a sense of whether you’re comfortable with our services.

1-866-845-BOOK (2665) or 314-965-5388 x36

If you would prefer to receive a quote through e-mail, then please describe your job as clearly as possible and we will reply as promptly as we can; usually within two business days.


To produce a quote, we need the following information:

  1. Total number of pages
  2. The size of a page
  3. Number of pages in black ink
  4. Number of pages in full color
  5. Type of binding
  6. Quantity of books

For example, you may describe your book as 210 pages, page size of 6 x 9, 198 pages in black ink, 12 pages in color, paperback bind, and 100 quantity.

No Waste PublishingTM is the book division of Accent Group Solutions, one of the largest “print-on-demand” suppliers in St. Louis.  Our mission is to provide the best value in book printing for the self-publisher.