Currently, digital marketing has become very popular in the marketing world. However, print marketing is not going away soon and should still be an important part of your marketing plan. Accent Group Solutions can create fresh and innovative collateral that will get your business noticed. In this week’s blog, we will give you reasons why print marketing continues to be very important for your business’s success.
Higher Return on Investment
The difference in print ads and digital ads is that print ads have a longer life span. Digital ads run and then they are gone. Print ads in magazines or catalogs live-in doctor’s offices, resorts, and other public places for months. Each time someone sits down in the doctor’s office they usually pick up the magazines to read while they wait. Your print can be seen for months instead of the week that you run a digital ad. How often did you see a digital ad and within minutes that ad has completely left your thoughts? Simply because there are 10 more ads that you have seen since the one you were interested in. If you see print ads in a book repeatedly the message in the ad is more likely to stick with you.
Direct Mail
With email marketing being top of mind with most companies in recent years due to the low cost, companies have forgotten about the power of direct mail. Direct Mail has always been a powerful tool in marketing efforts. The question to ask your marketing team is how many customers open your emails. To most people’s surprise, only about 10% of emails are opened by potential clients. Direct Mail has a 37% higher rate than email.
Credibility / Trustworthiness
Anyone can build an online ad, literally anyone. You never know when you click on an online ad if the company is legitimate or not. If I don’t recognize the company name or the website I was taken too from the digital ad, I then must look up the company and make sure they are legitimate before even thinking about moving forward with a purchase. A print ad from a specific company has credibility. When you see an ad in a magazine or catalog you know the company is legitimate. The print ad requires more money to create which will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about the company that purchased the ad you are viewing. The contact information on the print ads tells you exactly where you need to go to know that you are dealing with a credible company for your purchases.
Marketing to All Generations
Print Advertising allows you to market to all generations. Digital marketing is geared to the younger generations. You can come up with creative work in a print ad that will catch the attention of all generations instead of just focusing on the younger generation.
These are a few of the reasons the print marketing continues to thrive in the marketing sector. At Accent Group Solutions we believe there is a place for digital and print in all marketing plans. It is always a good idea to have a mix of platforms that you use to ensure that you hit all areas of your market and have the best ROI possible for your company. If you have questions on how Accent can help you with your print marketing, please visit our website or call our office. We will be happy to sit down with your team and create a plan that will work in your budget.