Print marketing is a highly effective way to reach your target audience. Our print marketing company in St Louis, MO knows how impactful the right print material is for your business. Grow your business with strategic print marketing techniques from Accent Group Solutions. If you aren’t convinced about print marketing’s effectiveness just yet, take a look at these surprising stats about print!


7 of 10 Americans say that a piece of direct mail is more personal than an online ad.

The majority of small businesses use a combination of print and online marketing that both offer a positive return on investment.

56% of consumers tend to trust print marketing over something they read online from a business.

79% of households say they actually read over direct mail ads received.

Direct mail marketing leads 39% of consumers to try a business for the first time.

90% of millennials prefer direct mail over email for promotional items.

The majority of millennials responded to a direct mail promotion within the past 3 months.

Direct mail marketing response rates have increased by 14% since 2004.

48% of consumers retain direct mail for future use.

Print Design & Creation at Accent Group Solutions:

Whether you have an idea that seems impossible to execute or just want to see what’s possible, we’re excited to design something remarkable for you. Let our team ideate around a thought or concept, and we’ll design possibilities you’ll be excited to integrate into your business.


We do more than just printing. We transform ink into something truly unique—all with a bit of magic. From a simple printed piece to a more complex project, you’ll be amazed at what we can create for you. Even if you don’t quite know where to begin, Accent can create fresh and innovative collateral that will get your business noticed.


Now you know how impactful the right marketing techniques are, you can take your business to the next level. With an Accent Group partnership, your business will have results that draws in new clients. We can’t wait to make an impact with print marketing for your business! Let’s start a conversation today!


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