Print marketing material is most effective when it’s done strategically. Our experienced team of graphic designers near St. Louis know how vital it is to give a good impression with the print products we produce. We truly care about your business and want you to succeed – that’s why we take your print design so seriously here at Accent Group Solutions! Learn a few techniques that can be used to blow away your competition with your print marketing strategy!


Give it Dimension

Whether graphically or physically, adding dimension to your marketing piece makes it more eye-catching. The more likely someone is to pay attention to a piece of print marketing, the more likely they are to remember. Graphically, dimension can be achieved with imagery that appears to be 3D or by adding unique shadowing to your graphical features. Physically, your print material could have a custom shape that it pops out – literally!


Evoke Emotion

What emotion are you trying to make your audience feel? Joy, fear, impulse – these are all effective strategies to focus on, depending on your business and the product/service you are featuring in the print material. Think about your audience and how you want them to feel – now bring that motion to the surface through your graphical choices.


Make it Feel-Worthy

Consumers are naturally curious and if something appears to be out of the normal, they are more likely to pick up the piece of print material. Consider adding a unique texture or the appearance of a unique texture to your piece. Your potential customers will be so curious about how your print material feels, they cannot help but pick it up. Once it is in their hands – they are likely going to look over the information and study your stand-out piece of print marketing – just what you want!

Allow our team of print marketing experts in St. Louis put these strategies, and more, to work for your business! We want your business to continue to grow and an impactful way to do that is through effective print marketing. Our team will learn about your unique business and goals to create the best print marketing strategy for your specific target. Let’s start a conversation today!