Brochures are a fantastic way to provide important information about your business product and/or service. It’s a quick way to communicate with potential customers and keep your business top of mind when it comes time for your consumer to make a purchase. Our print marketing company in St. Louis can take your brochure from the concept phase to the finished product all in house. Our team of graphic designers and printing experts work seamlessly together to ensure our clients get the best quality print products in the Midwest! If you’re looking for a brochure design near St. Louis, MO, we’re here for you!


1. Grab Attention Early

Your consumers are busy and if you don’t grab their attention right away, your message is not going to be well received, if received at all. Ensure the front fold of your brochure is eye-catching and something your ideal customer would want to pick up.


2. Keep Goal Top of Mind

Your business has a goal with every print product you produce – be sure to share that goal with our design team. We want to dig deep in order to best design and execute your brochure to ensure we meet your goal. A designer from our team will keep that goal top of mind the entire time they are creating the graphics and layout of the brochure.


3. Think About Paper Quality

The paper you select has a direct reflection on your business. The cheapest paper option may feel flimsy or cheap in the hands of your ideal customer. Don’t leave that kind of impression about your business when communicating with someone who could be your next customer, especially if you have a high-end product or service!


4. Target to Your Ideal Market

Know your target market. What do they do? What do they like? How does your product/service make their life easier? The answers to all of these questions allows our designers to create a concept that will work best for reaching your target customers.


5. Include a Call to Action

Every brochure should have a clear call to action. Consumers don’t always know what to do with information they digest, especially if they aren’t told what to do. Make it easy for your potential customers to contact you with an easy to read call to action.

Don’t wait any longer. Let’s start a conversation about your brochure print marketing goals today. Here at Accent Group Solutions, our team members are here to learn about your business and your print marketing goals to create custom solutions that meet your unique needs.