Planning is a cognitive skill that makes up part of the human’s executive functions. Some people struggle with executive functions and planning can be a big challenge for these individuals. The Executive Function Planner we create further develops executive function skills. Learn about the seven skills our planners can train and develop for your student:

1. Working Memory – The ability to hold information in mind while performing complex tasks.

2. Sustained Attention – The capacity to attend to a situation or task in spite of distractibility, fatigue or boredom.

3. Task Initiation – The ability to begin a task without undue procrastination, in a timely fashion.

4. Planning and Prioritizing – Being able to make decisions about what’s important to focus on and what’s not.

5. Organization – The ability to create and maintain a system for arranging or keeping track of important things.

6. Time Management – The ability to estimate how much time is available.

7. Goal-Directed Persistence – The capacity to establish a goal and follow through on achieving it.


Remember that everyone has stronger and weaker functions on a given day due to exhaustion, stress, and energy levels: the question to consider is if a function impairs a child’s day-to-day coping abilities or academic success on a consistent basis.

Our executive function planners can help develop the cognitive functions that don’t come as easy for some individuals. Our print company in St. Louis, MO is proud to provide functional planners for all learning styles and abilities through our executive function planners. If you’re interested in getting a planner for your students or your child, start a conversation with Accent Group Solutions today!