According to the United States Post Office, the Millennial generation suffers from digital fatigue are more likely to respond to print mailer marketing, than digital marketing. After scrolling by ads all day long, it can be a nice break to receive a marketing message in the mail. Checking the mail is often a bright spot in the day of a Millennial, they are excited to see what has come for them. Checking emails has a much different impact and can oftentimes get overwhelming for this generation. That leads Millennials to being less open to marketing messages that come through a screen. Now that we have shown why this generation is more receptive to print marketing, Accent Group Solutions is going to feature some of the most effective techniques your business can use to grab the attention of your Millennial audience.

1. Incorporate Technology Features

While we just discussed the screen fatigue, it is still where Millennials go to find further information about a business. If your print material offers easy access to your digital platforms, they are more likely to follow through and check out your business online. Things like your website url, social media handles, and a QR code reader can be helpful features to integrate technology into your material.

2. Keep It Simple

This generation is used to getting information quickly. You should highlight the important information in your print material but don’t make it too long so readers will toss it to the side before processing the information.

3. Showcase Happy Customers

Millennials have been conditioned to question the validity of businesses. You can quickly combat this by including a testimonial from a customer, featuring a rating of satisfaction, or adding your credentials if you have special awards (like Better Business Bureau rating).

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