The quality of a product display can make as much difference as a good website. Many customers will give your product only one glance and it’s in that small window of time where you need to capture their attention. What’s the secret to creating an irresistible product display?

Some vendors would say, “Your product display doesn’t have to look good; it just has to sell!” Other vendors may wonder, “If the display isn’t eye-catching, how is it expected to generate sales?” The good news is you can create a great-looking product display that also compels prospects to buy your goods.

Identify your display purpose

The obvious purpose of a product display is to sell products, but be specific. You cannot create a product display to feature all your available products; that’s why you have a retail location. Identify the specific product being displayed, why that product is on display, and what context the right buying prospect will be in to consider your product.

Feature products with a variety of price points

What if a prospective buyer say only one price promoted? The likelihood of producing any interest if that one price is beyond their budget is slim to none. However, imagine a product display featuring three products with each product priced in a different price range. A simple variety – three variably priced products – creates greater probability of generating a final buying decision.

Use appropriate lighting

You want your display to be well lit but not overly bright. The intended effect is a product display with a subtle glow to it. Soft lighting is preferred over bright fluorescent lighting. We recommend having a lighting element that can be repositioned with each new location. This frees you from being at the mercy of whatever lighting setup may be close by if you’re at a trade show or other event.

Invest in clear and compelling signage

Any amateur can create bright, colorful signage, but how effective will it be in generating interest and sales? One of your biggest investments of your product display should be the signage design and copywriting. Price tags are the most important part of your signage. You know how uncomfortable it can be to ask the price of a product so make it easy on your prospective customers to know the price without asking.

Creating clear and compelling signage starts with using a high-quality local printing source. Our Accent Printing Division can help you create attention-grabbing signage for your next product display. Click here to learn more about our Printing Division and connect with one of our Accent team members today.