Print is one of the most popular marketing platforms and we’re here to showcase why! Our printing company near St. Louis knows how impactful print material can be for our customers and we’re going to feature where print marketing starts to make an impact – the brain.

– When a consumer picks up a piece of tangible print material, there’s an instant connection. The brain triggers the memory into coding the information the consumer is reading.

– When someone physically touches paper, there’s a deeper relationship and better recollection of the material presented on the paper.

– Print material stimulates the senses more effectively than a digital marketing piece can.

– Because the brain is making that deeper connection, print ads are often times looked at longer than a different ad medium. This highlights the importance of the entire experience of print material and how it connects on a more personal level.

– With a big push in the digital marketing industry, there is a lot of digital noise trying to grab the attention of consumers. The brain of the consumer gets overwhelmed by this constant demand for attention and starts to block out the receptiveness to this kind of marketing technique. This means consumers are more receptive to a different media platform – making print a very effective technique!

Your print ad is more likely to be remembered and stored in the “important” part of the memory. Here at Accent Group Solutions, we think your message is important and deserves that kind of attention – that’s why we’re going to help you showcase it via print marketing. We put our years of experience in the print industry to work for your company. Let’s start a conversation today!