Our Accent Group Solutions team has a lot to be proud of but our biggest accomplishment isn’t in the fulfillment or print world – it’s in our Special School District Partnership. Our print marketing and fulfillment company in St. Louis offers programs that give young adults with special needs an opportunity to learn what it’s like to be in the workforce. Each year, we are always excited to see new faces join this wonderful program.

Valuable work and social skills are taught through our programs. These programs help set these individuals up for success in their future endeavors. Before we jump into our programs, we want to share a little background on why this is so near and dear to our hearts. Here is an example featuring one of our past participants.


Our SSD Programs

We are excited about our in-person learning this year! Our new vocational training team members started with us this week. We are excited about having three new members to our team and will miss our graduates from the 2021 program. Getting to know our new team will be a great experience for all. Everyone comes with unique talents and gifts. Discovering them is part of the fun!


SSD Testimonials:

Businesses are as unique and individualized as people, Attitude is essential for learning to take hold in both. Accent Group Solutions is comprised of amazing employees who create an environment of “family” with respect, acceptance, strong work ethic, and so many opportunities to work hard, learn, and develop. Good leadership is knowing how to help others be successful. Accent Group Solutions is a strong leader of inclusion, and we hope other businesses can learn and also grow from the model Accent has implemented. “ – Scott & Ann, parents of Leah

Individuals with disabilities are significantly underemployed and finding authentic opportunities to teach young people the skills they need to find and keep employment is a great challenge. This partnership between Special School District and Accent has made a huge difference in the employability of the students we service. At Accent, our students are exposed to a wide array of transferable job skills, but more importantly, they are learning the soft skills of managing their time, interacting appropriately with coworkers, following workplace rules, and advocating for themselves. I have watched our students gain so much confidence working alongside their Accent coworkers and learning that they are capable and valued workers.” – Kim, VSP Teacher at St. Louis Special School District

If you’re interested in getting more involved in the special needs community in the area, our print company in St. Louis would love to help you find the right opportunities for what you have to offer to these amazing individuals. From volunteering to becoming a part of the Special School District Program, Accent Group Solutions is here to support the special needs community! These students inspire our employees and make us work harder to be the best examples possible for them. Our fulfillment and print facility in the Midwest is stronger because of the work we do with our SSD students!