A fulfillment center makes handling online orders a breeze. Our team creates a seamless process so your products reach their destination efficiently. We eliminate storage and logistics concerns, and let you focus on the immediate needs of your business. There are many hidden perks of using a fulfillment center – let us point some of them out!


Get Your Product into Your Customer’s Hands Quickly
Accent Group provides online businesses a large space to house products with our fulfillment warehouse located in St. Louis, MO. We are located in the Midwest – for the best centralized distribution nationwide. Shipping from the Midwest cuts down on transit time to the coasts and gets your product in your customer’s hands quickly and efficiently.


Reduce Staffing and Save $ on Payroll
A traditional warehouse comes with a large number of employees to complete ordering tasks and maintenance. Utilizing a fulfillment center takes away the burden of staffing to “filling” your orders. Accent Group creates a seamless Intelligent Fulfillment solution so you can focus on the immediate needs of your business and leave the rest to us. Our fulfillment warehouse center in St. Louis can take that payroll requirement off your books. Accent has an experienced fulfillment staff on hand. Hiring your own is a great expense once wages, benefits, and insurance are added up. We will save you that expense which increases your bottom line.


Less Needed Real Estate
Storage and distribution require costly space and real estate. Accent will save you money by storing your product, so you won’t need to incur the extra costs or aggravation.


Time $avings
We can get your product packed, ready to ship, and shipped out in a timely manner. The fulfillment sector of our business has a great deal of experience and can streamline your fulfillment needs. Accent’s experienced fulfillment staff will pick, pack, and ship your product with speed and precision.

Ready to take your online business to the next level? Outsource your warehousing and distribution to the professionals at Accent, so you can focus on your business. Contact Accent Group Solutions today to learn how we can satisfy your fulfillment needs and keep you running your business!