Millennials are inundated with everything digital. Most millennials spend a big chunk of the day in front of a screen. There are thousands of marketing messages fighting for the attention of millennials each and every day online. Take your marketing offline where consumers are more receptive to marketing messages. Businesses have to find a way to stand out in the eyes of their potential consumers. Learn more about the benefits of using direct mail and how the millennial generation responds to this type of marketing tactic.

Benefits of Direct Mail:

Measurable Marketing Platform

It’s easy to measure the return on direct mail. Most businesses include a coupon code to be used on the next purchase and this code gives businesses an insight as to how many mail recipients they’ve converted into consumers.

Personalized Content

Technology allows us to easily change out content on a direct mailer to personalize the message to each consumer. Simply changing out the name and address offers a personalized message to more easily grab the attention of each recipient.

Cost Effective Medium

Direct mail is one of the most cost effective marketing options. Get eye-catching, physical ads into the hands of your target audience at a low price.

Targeted Consumer Base

Highly targeted mailing lists are available. From narrowing down a geographical area to consumer habits and interests, there are many options available for sending direct mail to your target audience.

Direct Mail Stats:

• Readers are able to recall 70% more of the information in a piece of direct mail versus a digital ad with the same information.
• Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than a digital ad.
• Consumers read a digital ad more quickly and spend more time reading and processing a physical ad.
• Physical ads create a strong emotional response which makes the content easier to remember.


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