Our warehouse and fulfillment services in St. Louis is one of our core business services. We have the equipment, space, and employees available to supply and ship for national campaigns across multiple locations. Our pick, pack, and ship process takes a huge burden off your business. Save money, space, and time when you partner with our fulfillment center in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on providing a number of inventory management services – one of those being bulk inventory management.


What is Bulk Inventory Management?

The control of storage, measurement, and movement of inventory products are the steps involved in managing bulk inventory. Our St. Louis, MO fulfillment center has the space, technology, and equipment at the ready to handle your bulk inventory management needs. The Accent Group Solutions team has the experience to take on your bulk inventory management. Our centralized location in the United States location makes it easy and convenient to ship your products via plane, freight, or boat. We constantly analyze the best prices and processes to ensure we are working efficiently for our clients.


Container Management:

In many instances, buying in bulk on products is the only way to go for businesses. Our experienced team can easily manage your containers, add your inventory to our warehouse management system (wms), set reorder points on these SKU’s with your guidance, and you are ready to sell your products with centralized distribution.


Warehouse Management:

Our warehouse and fulfillment team manages hundreds of thousands of SKU’s for our client’s behalf. Some of our clients have long term storage needs and many of our clients turn and replenish their inventory monthly. Our warehouse space and technology makes it easy for our clients to utilize our services in order to save their business money and time.

Handling your own inventory management is a huge undertaking. It takes a large warehouse, state of the art equipment and technology, and employees, just to name a few. After analyzing what it requires to handle inventory, many businesses realize that outsourcing the fulfillment piece of their business makes the most sense for their bottom line. If you’re ready to learn more about our bulk inventory management service in St. Louis, let’s start a conversation today!