Halloween is right around the corner! Are you prepared for the fun festivities including haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, joke telling if you are in St. Louis, and a big sugar rush? Test your knowledge to measure your spookiness!


Question #1:

Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday. What is the first?

Question #2:

What continent can pumpkins NOT grow?

Question #3:

Where did the “jack-o-lantern” originate?

Question #4:

About how many seeds are found in a pumpkin?

Question #5:

How much money did Americans spend on Halloween in 2020?

Question #6:

How many varieties of pumpkins are there?

Question #7:

What is the most popular Halloween Candy?

Question #8:

What city is home to the largest Halloween parade in the U.S.?

Question #9:

What state grows 95% of the U.S. pumpkin crop?

Question #10:

What was candy corn originally called?

Question #11:

What country holds the world record for the heaviest pumpkin?


How many pounds is that German pumpkin?


Find the answers to these Halloween Trivial Questions below. Now that you’ve played our Halloween Trivia, let us know how you did!








Answer #1: Christmas

Answer #2: Antarctica

Answer #3: Ireland

Answer #4: 500

Answer #5: $8 billion

Answer #6: 45

Answer #7: Skittles

Answer #8: New York City

Answer #9: Illinois

Answer #10: Chicken feed

Answer #11: Germany

BONUS Answer: 2600 pounds!