With many years of experience in the industry, our leadership team is honored to guide our clients to achieve excellence. We put our years of experience in the print and fulfillment industries to work for you! We’re thrilled to be able to continue in the footsteps of generations before us in providing the best print and fulfillment service. Here at Accent Group Solutions, we combine our vast history and knowledge in the industry with the latest technology and techniques that are constantly improving the way we can provide for our clients. Meet our leaders and the amazingly adorable Yeti, below!


Erica Hughes | CEO

Our CEO and Owner, Erica Hughes, has served in the space of printing and distribution her entire career of 26 years. Her leadership role for both public and private companies allows her to merge the best of both worlds into Accent. Throughout her 14 years working with a public company, she grew from an estimator to a division president, to become the only female regional vice president. Her “why” strongly shows in the family-centric, inclusion-centered, dog-and-child-friendly culture at Accent.


Jason Hughes | President

Our President, Jason Hughes, has the same last name as our CEO because they are a dynamic husband-and-wife team. He has spent his career of 26 years in printing and distribution stemming from his education in graphic arts. His creative strengths and artistic talents excel at Accent through his sales and management responsibilities. Since his career started in digital printing, his expertise provided him the opportunity to lead the Midwest market by introducing eStore solutions to our clients. If you can’t find Jason in his office, you might find him touring the Accent campus on his mini bike or visiting one of our amazing Special School District students.


Yeti | President of the Accent Mascot Club

You might look at Yeti and think she’s a stuffed animal, but she’s actually the president of the mascot club! She and other club members are often found wandering the halls reducing stress levels, serving in a space with many deadlines.

Allow our team the honor of helping bring your business to the forefront in your niche through effective print marketing and timely fulfillment. Our print marketing company in St. Louis is here to bring your message to life. We can also handle all of your needs for fulfillment in the Midwest! Let’s start a conversation and learn how our strategies can grow your business!