A new year means more advances in technology. Email inboxes are more crowded than ever. Will printing see a resurgence in 2017? According to print marketing intelligence firm WhatTheyThink, the printing industry’s success in 2016 is primed to continue into 2017. (WhatTheyThink) The nature of printing has changed as part of the fourth industrial revolution. Print providers understand the value and role of print in a total marketing approach alongside digital solutions.

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 as it’s sometimes called, is focusing on automation. More robotics, machine learning, and automated processes are helping businesses accelerate printing turnarounds and reduce costs. 3D printing, also known as Additive printing, will continue gaining traction in 2017 and become more affordable than ever.

We anticipate printing services to focus more on niches in 2017 and beyond rather than mainstream printing solutions. More businesses will invest in new technologies as a result of strong economic growth across the U.S. Many of these new technologies will displace printing, but future-focused print leaders will continue evolving to find our niche.

What does economic growth in 2017 mean for businesses? An increase in marketing efforts, including print, which may create more noise to cut through to reach the right audience. Businesses can use print to create ‘wow’ impressions in 2017.

Is print dying? No, the printing industry may be much smaller than ten to fifteen years ago, but print is not dying. However, print is evolving to find its place in an increasingly digital world. We believe some of print’s best days are still ahead, which is why we research and implement the latest in print technology to serve your business.

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