Chances are you haven’t been living under a rock. You’re well aware of how customization technology has taken over our world. When you can order at McDonald’s through a virtual screen within just a few taps on the screen, you know Industry 4.0 is in full effect! Automated processes like this help companies improve effectiveness.

However, people still like being in control of how they’re connecting with the world. It’s a comfort thing. There’s a special “something” about picking up your morning paper while sipping on coffee. Or, having a good book in hand turning pages in anxious anticipation of what’s next. Why is this? Do we feel more connected to the stories we’re reading because we can touch the pages? Perhaps. Getting up close and personal to what’s in front of us has become an innate habit throughout life.

This idea sparked a recent conversation with Bruce, CEO of a CPA firm while enjoying lunch over the daily newspaper. He shared his reason for still preferring print over digital, “It’s easy. It’s simple. You can pick it up and put it wherever you want and however you want. I can be selective about what I’m reading and how long it will take. Convenience is huge.” His sandwich was placed on top of the paper, his coffee in hand, and not a care in the world about spilling his drink or making a mess.

Truth be told, weekday commuters need something more portable in route. When life moves fast, reading on mobile devices is the best solution. Weekends are a different story. Things tend to slow down. Folks love shutting off their brain—even for a little while. Kids are less likely to snatch up your favorite newspaper over your iPhone. Why Print News Still Rules perfectly stated, “When it comes to really taking something in, the difference between reading online and newsprint is like the difference between driving to the neighborhood grocery store and walking. Reading online speeds things, usually to the point that they begin to blur. But reading newsprint slows you down, giving your news absorption a “human scale” feel, and lends clarity to the experience.”

We know marrying the experiences of both print and digital are a wave of the future. We’ve listened to requests for site designers, editors, and publishers to not completely forsake the design language that makes newspapers great and has informed readers for generations. We built our Printing Division with design hierarchy in mind. Our e-Print Stores and Traditional Printing methods are not so traditional. We want users to still have that sense of a journey completed by the time they hit the last pages. We’re able to customize the overall look and feel of what’s being produced.

If your clients tell you they mainly read the newspaper on the weekend, you can use our Print-on-Demand services to have your print job in hand when they need it. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into their ‘day and the life’ of reading. At Accent, we’ll help you find the correct solutions for not only your clientele but your business production in whole. Click here to set up a consultation today.