Many of your potential customers are at home practicing social distancing or required to quarantined due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the United States. As many cities and even states highly suggest (if not require) for the public to stay at home, your potential customers are likely stuck in their house and getting a bit stir crazy. Our print marketing company in St. Louis, MO suspects your customers are craving new information. Ensure your business is still marketing to your future customers in an impactful and memorable way. Online marketing is such a common practice that customers may start to overlook this method of communication from businesses. Stand out with print mail marketing!

Provide Customers with a Bright Spot

Stir Crazy social distancing folks are looking for “new.” What is “new” for your company? An invention? An amazing service? Tell them about it in the form of print.

Checking the mail used to be another task in the day but now it’s an exciting part of the day. What makes it even more exciting is an eye-catching piece of mail that promotes your “new” that may pique their interest. That piece of mail features YOUR business. From your “new” or a friendly reminder about your amazing business, let your printed touch point be a source of joy during this uncertain time.


Give Customers Something to Hold

With more and more people at home, technology is an overused source. From scrolling through social media for hours to working remotely on the computer, people are likely tired of looking at screens during this time. Having a direct mailer that your customer can hold, touch, and feel can be even more impactful right now. The psychology behind a consumer touching and feeling a marketing piece is a real connection to the information and involves multiple human senses for recall.

Partner with Accent Group Solutions!

Direct mail printing is a winning advertisement method for businesses, especially now! Brighten your consumer’s day and give the opportunity for your company to be easily remembered by sending a print mailer. Here at Accent Group Solutions, we partner with our customers to create eye-catching and impactful print marketing. Let’s start a conversation on how we can take your business to the next level!