Are you ready to take control of your fulfillment expenses? Inventory management and fulfillment spaces cost a lot of money. If you’ve taken on this feat for your business, it may be time to re-evaluate your warehousing decisions. Accent Group Solutions is here to manage fulfillment on behalf of our clients to save them time, money, and other resources. Warehouse fulfillment in St. Louis, MO is expensive. From paying your employees to buying equipment to purchasing real estate to store it all, the expenses can quickly outweigh the benefit. Take control of your inventory and warehouse management and allow Accent Group to take your business to the next level.


Inventory Management

When you undertake managing your own inventory, you’ll need an inventory management system to be in place. This kind of software comes with a costly price tag.


Storage Space

Warehouses require plenty of square footage to store all of your needed equipment and the product itself. Space is limited, especially in metropolitan areas. It can be expensive and hard to find this kind of space in a city.


Warehouse Equipment

Equipment used to pick and pack your products is very specific. The right machines and training will need to be in place to successfully run a warehouse.



Labor is one of the most expensive assets for any company. Wages and benefits can add up very quickly. If you’re look for ways to save, outsourcing warehouse fulfillment duties is an effective way to improve your bottom line.



It takes a lot of electricity and other utilities to property run a warehouse. Cooling and heating a large space is quite costly, in addition to the many electronics require to keep your system running like it should. You’ll also need running water and other utilities to make your warehouse a safe environment for your employees. Utilities can add up quickly for a warehouse facility.



Your space will need to be insured. Not only physical property insurance, but you’ll need to have your products and equipment being stored in your warehouse insured, as well.


Shipping Procedures

Experience is key to reducing the expense of shipping. Instantly save money when you partner with our fulfillment warehouse as we have long-term relationships with shipping vendors and we can best advise our clients on ways to save with various shipping options we have available.


There are many ways our fulfillment center in St. Louis can save your business money. Take away the address stress of fulfillment and start a conversation with Accent Group Solutions today!