Time is money! Our fulfillment center in St. Louis is here to save your business time AND therefore, save you money. Our facility stores, picks and packs, and ships products to get them to your customers faster. You have enough on your plate as a business owner or manager and we’re here to alleviate your stress. Accent Group Solutions takes fulfillment off your list of things to worry about. Learn a few of the ways our fulfillment center saves you money:


Experience with Shipping Processes

Our team has a great deal of expertise in the fulfillment realm. Save time and money on research & development of a fulfillment process and utilize our process that’s already functioning in a high capacity.


Industry Relationships in Place

We have long-term relationships in place with any needed shipping material and transportation resources. Allow us to use our established resources to get your product to the end user in a hassle-free manner.


Decrease Needed Payroll

Executing a smooth fulfillment process requires many people in place. People are one of the most expensive resources for a business. Wages, insurance, and other benefits are a big payroll expense. Save a big portion of payroll when you outsource fulfillment services.


Reduced Training Time

Not only do your fulfillment employees need to be paid, they will also need trained. Training can take a long time to get all of your processes in place. Training doesn’t stop after the first few weeks or months of employment. Refresher courses and new processes will need to be trained throughout an employee’s time with a business. Time spent training can be a hit on your payroll to profit ratio. Avoid added training expenses and utilize a fulfillment center.


Needed Storage Space

Product storage is a big piece of our fulfillment service. The space needed to store an abundance of product is costly. Keep the required real estate for your business to a minimum and allow us to storage your products before they are shipped out.


You have enough daily tasks to worry about. Now’s the time to utilize our St. Louis, MO fulfillment center to your advantage. Save money when you outsource this time and resource consuming process and get your product to your customers in a more seamless way. Let’s start a conversation about your fulfillment needs!