A millennial is someone born between 1981 and 1996. This is a wide range of the population and an ideal target market for many businesses. If you’re trying to reach this generation with your marketing material, print is the way to go. Our print marketing company in St. Louis, MO is here to showcase why print is the most effective way to reach the millennials.

Viewed as More Trustworthy

Millennials have been taught to question everything they read online. This can lead a consumer to feel that a business is more trustworthy if their message is received via print. If a business takes the time to create and produce print content, they are less likely to be viewed as a scam. Ensure your credibility with print marketing!


Messages that Stand Out

Marketing messages are being thrown around all day, every day. We make your business stand out by providing eye-catching, high-quality print material. The faster the eye is drawn to your marketing material, the longer your message will be viewed. Grab the attention where it’s least expected. In this day and age, it’s effective to get your message off the screen.


Tangible Item to Hold

Touching and feeling a piece of print marketing can lead to connection and positive emotions being felt by the person reading your material. This makes your message more impactful as they are more likely to pay attention to what’s being conveyed about your business.


More Memorable Message

When touching and looking at print material, the brain is more likely to store that memory. This can help your message remain an active memory for your potential customers. Even if there’s not an immediate response, your future consumers have stored this information and their brain will bring it back up, when the information is needed.

Print is an impactful way to market to millennials. For the most part, a digital device is nearby for many in this generation, at all times. From working on a computer all day to browsing through social media in the evening – messages can be more easily ignored on a screen as the millennials are jaded to this kind of marketing strategy. Let the professionals at Accent Group Solutions design and create highly effective print marketing material for your business. Draw in the millennial target with a highly effective print strategy. Let’s start a conversation!