Fall is here and that means trade show season is well underway across the U.S. Any trade show attendee will agree that exhibit halls are noisy, chaotic, and hard to navigate. With each exhibitor trying to capture attendees’ attention, how do you stand out from the noise?

The truth is not everyone at a trade show will be a great customer for your business. This means you need an exhibit experience that connects with the right audience as they move through the exhibit hall. We believe there are five essentials for creating an unforgettable Trade Show exhibit.

1. The right staff

You can have the greatest exhibit in the entire trade show but the wrong staff will submarine your chances. Be careful when choosing the best staff possible to work your trade show exhibit. You want attendees to have an amazing first impression of your business, which starts with fun, engaging, and informed staff.

2. An engaging display experience

If it doesn’t look like it’s interesting, you’ve lost your prospect before they even get close enough for a conversation. Be creative with how you put together your exhibit. Adding an interactive, like a spinning wheel, product demo, or a game will help draw in prospective clients to see what your company has to offer.

3. Valuable giveaways

Would you rather spend $100 on candy for 1,000 people or $100 on a new Kindle to give away to one person? More people are happy on a temporary basis, but one person will be happy for a much longer time. Giving away a Kindle Paperweight is a ‘wow’ giveaway that will catch people’s attention.

4. Next-step communication

How will you follow up with event attendees? Creating a printed sign-up card or having an online contact form on a tablet is a great way to convert interested prospects in qualified leads. What about attendees who want to know more without giving up their contact information? A single-page info sheet can be a great addition to your booth that is memorable. Add as much value, not just words but value, onto your info sheet to ignite their interest in checking out your website.

5. Eye-catching signage

Everything about your exhibit signage should be a ‘wow’ impression. From the font you choose to the colors you use, every part of your signage needs to connect with your target audience. Think through your marketing message to ensure your signage matches your marketing goals for the event.

Having the right signage starts with quality printing from a reliable local source. Accent’s Printing Division helps trade show presenters print beautiful exhibit signage on almost any surface to create a ‘wow’ impression. Check out our Printing Division to learn more and start a conversation with our Accent team today.