As educators are preparing for the new school year, there are a lot of uncertainties. One thing that can be controlled is how students keep their subjects and studies organized. Set your students up for success with a student planner for the school year. No matter how your district plans to educate during this challenging time, one thing is for sure – organization is going to be key.

Our printing company in St. Louis Missouri offers a fantastic solution to setting students up for a year of success with our EF student planners.

Help build your EF Skills both cognition and behavior

Get Organized!

Planners help keep students organized. A planner offers a centralized location to record and track everything they need to know for their day. Due dates, project details, and other activities are easily tracked with a planner. A centralized written plan for school information and extra curriculars maximizes the success of your students. Statistics have proven writing down tasks increase your chances of accomplishment.

Manage your time and work on your plans!

Letting a student know a due date and assisting them with breaking down large projects into chunks with intermittent check in points helps students learn time management and planning. Time management and plans are a vital skill in further education and ultimately the workforce. A planner allows students to stay on track and share their progress!

Promotes Goal Oriented Mind Set

Having an end goal in mind is a great way to keep students motivated. Once your student has the main information of a project or an assignment down, it is up to them to keep their eye on the prize and continue working towards their goals of completion and grades. This kind of work ethic is encouraged with the use a planner.

Here at Accent Group Solutions, we know how important organization is going to be for students this year. If your district or grade level is interested in a custom student planner, contact our women owned printing and fulfillment company today at