Keeping your self and family safe and healthy is a top priority for many. Whether traveling or going on about your normal every-day life, it’s important to keep your health in mind and that’s where our Accent Group Solutions Germ Tackle kit comes into play. We understand it can be scary to get out and about, even going to the grocery store for some necessities can be a worrisome experience. Our kit can help you feel better as you make a safer environment for yourself as you partake in daily activities.


Protect Yourself on the Go!

This pandemic has changed the way we as a society thinks about germs. We understand the severity of illness and are much more aware of personal health practices. We have more to think about than normal germs or the flu, we have to actively prepare to face the threat around us. Social Distancing will only get us so far, especially in crowded public places where people may or may not be exercising the same caution. We need to put up barriers with our own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). We need masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, but they can be hard to find and never in the same place. That’s leads us to our convenient and complete Germ Tackle kit.


Germ Tackle provides safe personal PPE for our busy, ever changing world. We understand the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dangers around us. Germ Tackle makes it easier and more convenient for you to make sure you have PPE wherever and whenever you need it, with kits designed for the everyday needs of work and family. The kits are the perfect size to keep anywhere, in your purse, your gym bag, in the glove compartment, the desk, or anywhere else you may need it in a snap (

We’re here to make it easy to protect yourself and your loved ones as our world has changed with the recent pandemic. Our women-owned print marketing company is proud to provide a resource to help busy families stay safe while out and about in our world.